27th November 2015



Fakes: Bad for business, bad for consumers


London Trading Standards are at the frontline of anti-counterfeiting work in the capital.  It’s important work - dealing in fakes is a criminal offence that not only harms legitimate businesses, but leaves consumers with sub-standard goods which are often unsafe.

Every year across London we seize many thousands of items from retailers and markets as well as wholesalers, importers and online sellers. 

Fakes, snides, knock-offs, bootlegs, replicas - don't let them ruin your life

Everyone knows that selling fakes is against the law - that's why honest, hardworking traders don't get involved in them.
For anyone caught selling fakes it is not just the goods that they lose, their whole livelihood is at risk:
  • A prison sentence could be imposed of up to 10 years
  • An unlimited fine could be imposed
  • Homes, possessions and other assets could be confiscated as proceeds of crime
London Trading Standards have access to financial investigators and the Courts can confiscate any monies or assets that have not been earnt legitimately.
We also work with local market operators, shopping centre managers and online sales sites to ensure that anyone selling illegal goods can be stopped from trading.

Report it

If you wish to report anyone selling counterfeit goods you use our online report form to tell trading standards in confidence or report them using the Crimestoppers service - telephone 0800 555 111.