22nd January 2017

Respect creativity


Cracking Ideas

When goods are illegally copied, or music and films are pirated, it really represents the stealing or theft of someone elses property.

Whether if be unique designs, trade marks or a copyright work it all comes under the banner of intellectual property, or IP for short.

This year our partners at the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) have launched a new educational resource designed to help anyone working with young people. An understanding of IP is important for people in lots of different careers.

A new website, developed with the creators of Wallace and Gromit, provides a platform to explore learning resources on protecting creativity and innovation. Whether it be an amazing invention, machine or medicine; a book, song or work of art; a business name or product design.

  • Visit crackingideas.com and please do share the link with anyone who works with young people

Van of counterfeit goods

Counterfeit bag