Hammersmith and Fulham colleagues receive FACT award

Two H&F colleagues were recognised for outstanding contributions toward combatting intellectual property crime.

(Left to Right) Princy Madanayake (FACT’s Investigation Manager), Richard Murphy (Senior Investigation Officer), Doug Love (Senior Trading Standards Officer) and Kieron Sharp (FACT CEO).

Richard Murphy, Senior Investigation Officer, and Doug Love, Senior Trading Standards Officer, picked up a Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT) Excellence Award on Wednesday 19 April 2023 in Birmingham.

FACT’s Excellence Awards recognise the exceptional efforts of police and other law enforcement individuals across the UK for their support in the fight against piracy.

Richard and Doug received their award after a joint investigation with FACT and the Premier League into illegal internet streaming of sports and other subscription channels.

The case has resulted in five guilty pleas and one conviction after a trial.  The sentencing will be finalised on Thursday 25 May.

Richard, part of the H&F Anti-fraud Team, is still in the process of carrying out a significant financial investigation, and the amount of ill-gotten gains that have been frozen is approximately £2 million.

Speaking after the event, Doug said: “It was a privilege to work with FACT and the Premier League on this case.  Each party was crucial in making a success of the case – FACT undertook the initial investigation and co-ordinated.

Adding: “Richard and I used our powers to gather the key evidence of criminality and the proceeds accrued from it; the Premier League took on a private prosecution with their expert legal team that would have been prohibitively expensive to the other parties.”

Pete O’Doherty, Assistant Commissioner, City of London Police/NPCC Coordinator for Cyber and Economic Crime, added: “Piracy is a crime that causes immense damage and can give criminals immense profits. The outstanding work of those nominated and receiving these awards is absolutely vital in combatting that crime.”

The other recipients on the night also included police officers from eight police services across the UK, the National Trading Standards e-Crime Team, and the Government Agency Intelligence Network.

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