London Trading Standards announces Lynn Faulds Wood as new ambassador

London Trading Standards are delighted to announce that former BBC Watchdog presenter and consumer campaigner Lynn Faulds Wood has agreed  to act as an ambassador for London Trading Standards.

Steve Playle, spokesperson for London Trading Standards said:

“Lynn has been a great supporter of Trading Standards for many years and recognises the work that we do to protect consumers and ensure a level playing field for legitimate businesses”

Lynn Faulds Wood – New LTS Ambassador

Lynn Faulds Wood said:

“I live in Greater London, I know how important it is to have Trading Standards Officers working in our communities.  I’m delighted to support the work of London Trading Standards whenever I can.”

London Trading Standards represents the 33 Local Authority Trading Standards Services in the London region who tackle a wide range of issues including:

  • product safety and anti-counterfeiting
  • unfair trading practices
  • doorstep crime and financial abuse against vulnerable people

Most recently, the work of London Trading Standards has highlighted serious issues around the sale of dangerous cosmetics, rogue letting agent activities and the illegal sale of knives to young people which has resulted in robust legal action.

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