Over 250,000 illegal Croydon cigarettes seized

A haul of illegal tobacco, totalling over 250,000 cigarettes, was unearthed by detection dogs in Croydon. Officers from Croydon Trading Standards, working with HMRC as part of Operation Ce Ce, targeted the location in the borough thanks to the use of intelligence – and the super-sniffers from BWY K9. The dog, called Yo-Yo, signalled the
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£300,000 of illegal tobacco seized

Croydon Council trading standards and HM Revenue and Customs teamed up with specialist detection dogs to track down and seize illegal tobacco worth over £300,000 from a Croydon storage unit. More than 216,000 illegal cigarettes and 350 kilograms of hand-rolling tobacco were uncovered when officers swooped a self-storage unit in the north of the borough
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