Misleading healing equipment claims costs business £16,000

Action by London’s Camden Trading Standards has resulted in the conviction of a provider of complementary and alternative therapies over their misleading advertising.

The owners of Electronic Healing, a business based in Brighton pleaded guilty to offences under unfair trading and food safety legislation.

Steven and Susan Lee, were both fined £1,000 and also ordered to pay £7,000 costs each.  In addition they agreed to forfeit £7,000 cash which was seized when a warrant was executed at their premises.

Electronic Healing had been subject to two formal investigations by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). These found the business to be in breach of the rules against making misleading efficacy claims.  Despite ASA sanctions the misleading claims continued and so the matter was referred for prosecution.

Camden Council is contracted by National Trading Standards to provide the ASA’s legal backstop in relation to misleading, aggressive or otherwise unfair non-broadcast advertising.

Read the full ASA press release here.

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