9th August 2016

Report consumer crime

Thank you for choosing to send us information about consumer crime. Please use the four sections below to provide us the details and click on send when complete.

We welcome information on trading standards issues such as;

  • Age Restricted Products: Information about the sale of age restricted goods to those underage (knives, vapes, noxious substances, tobacco, alcohol)
  • Doorstep Crime: Information about rogue tradespersons, offering things like building and roofing work or selling goods or gardening services, who call uninvited at your home. (To learn how you can protect yourself from these people click here)
  • Scams: Information about any offers you may have had where you are encouraged to part with money on a promise of getting more back than you paid in – like investments, pensions, subscriptions etc. (To learn how you can protect yourself from these scams click here)
  • Intellectual Property Crime: Fake and counterfeit goods, internet streaming, offences against trademarks copyright.
  • Lettings: The rental sector – including estate and lettings agents.  (You can find more information here about what we have been doing)
  • Tobacco and Cigarettes: Fake and illicit tobacco being offered for sale.
  • Energy Sector: Where traders, or persons, may be operating outside of the scope of the Government’s Energy Grants Scheme. (For more information about the Government energy grant scheme click here)

Please note this is a confidential no reply service.

If you need advice, or guidance, please contact the Citizens Advice Consumer helpline.

LTS can only assist with complaint information about UK businesses. Any complaint data shared with us relating to issues involving businesses outside of the UK will not be actioned.

If you do send LTS an email, or complete the LTS e-form, then you are consenting to the personal information that you choose to supply being collected and the information being passed on to relevant authorities or organisations.

We have also updated our reporting form to allow you to share screenshots from your phone.

Using the reporting line does not guarantee a direct response to what you submit.

Further details can be found in our privacy policy.

    *If the file too large it will greyed out and can not be selected.

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