Weights and Measures

Everyday millions of pounds of goods are bought, sold or transferred by some reference to either their weight, volume, length or number. Whether it be by the kilogram, metre, litre or pint virtually all commodities in our everyday lives are sold by some reference to quantity.

From foodstuffs to fuel, from drinks to cosmetics and medicines, even cloth, building materials and precious and scrap metals – virtually everything you can think of maybe subject to ‘legal metrology’ controls, more commonly referred to as weights and measures law.

London Trading Standards enforce a complex set of regulations and orders designed to ensure that both the public and business have confidence in their transactions and that there is fair competition. We do this by:

  • Verifying that certain new weighing and measuring equipment is accurate
  • Visiting businesses to check their weighing and measuring equipment is suitable and accurate and that they sell goods by reference to the appropriate units
  • Checking packing and manufacturing lines to ensure the correct quantitiues are marked, as well as products already in the shops or imported goods
  • Investigating complaints of short measure
  • Providing business advice on the legal requirements
  • Ensuring unit prices are displayed in larger shops

We’re also concerned with the accuracy of weighing equipment used to weigh patients in hospitals and health centres

For more information contact your local Trading Standards or visit GOV.UK  To make a complaint call the consumer helpline.

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