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CTSI represents Trading Standards professionals working in the UK and overseas – in local authorities, business and consumer sectors and central government.

CTSI exists to:

  • promote and protect the success of a modern vibrant economy, and
  • safeguard the health, safety and wellbeing of citizens by enhancing the professionalism of its members.

The CTSI London Branch covers: all London Boroughs and the States of Jersey. Branch meetings are held in Spring and Autumn each year.

CTSI London Branch Updates

London leads review of Race and Equality

A variety of London groups and professional body members have tasted success following their recognition for work in improving Race and Equality.

The CTSI Hero award winners, Tendy Lindsay, Valerie Simpson and Giles Speid were praised for their work with the CTSI Race & Equalities Working Group, which was set up in October 2020.

CTSI London Branch formed its own Race & Equalities Working Group to mirror these efforts throughout London in December 2020.

The hard-working trio have also driven change in many other groups in London including; London Trading Standards, the Association of Chief Trading Standards Officers (ACTSO), and London’s Strategic Regulatory Network.

Giles said, “No award is achieved in a vacuum. This award was as a result of a combined effort by colleagues and allies trying to bring about a more equitable profession. This will ensure that it is a truer reflection of the public that we serve.

Commenting about the CTSI Awards received, CTSI Chief Executive, John Herriman said: “Tendy, Valerie and Giles have done ground-breaking work to drive the profile of the importance of race and equalities in the trading standards profession. The murder of George Floyd brought into sharp focus how much still needs to be done to tackle prejudice in society and this is something we are taking very seriously at CTSI, acknowledging the challenge of where we need to do things differently, but recognising that by working together we can make real changes that will ultimately benefit not just the profession, but also the consumers we protect.

“This important work means fairness and equality will drive changes within the trading standards profession and ensure that we are representative of the communities we are so proud to serve.”

At the 2021 CTSI Symposium event, held in Birmingham, other members of London’s dedicated Trading Standards family received recognition for their achivements.

Senior Trading Standards Officer Tariq Mohammed, who works in Ealing, has dedicated his career to combatting counterfeiting and piracy.

His nomination praised him for his “endless passion and his determination to succeed, which places him above most in his chosen profession.”

Mohammed said: “I am honoured and delighted to receive such a prestigious award. I would like to thank those who recommended me for this award and the colleagues that have supported me during my career in trading standards, in particular IP crime.”

Angel Harrow, a Trading Standards Enforcement Officer working at Southwark Council’s trading standards service, won the Product Safety Award for her work supporting trading standards investigations, which led to the seizure of around 3,000 skin lightening products.

Another investigation led to an online trader based in Leicester receiving a 40 week custodial sentence suspended for 24 months after an online test purchase operation conducted by Southwark Trading Standards revealed that the trader was selling illegal cosmetics products. Harrow has also led on several local investigations, with one trader fined over £52,000 after twice being caught selling illegal skin lighteners. Harrow said: “I am filled with gratitude to receive this award. It’s wonderful that the contributions that trading standards officers make to protect our community are recognised and celebrated by CTSI.”

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