Underage sales

London Trading Standards enforces legislation prohibiting the sale of certain age-restricted products and services to underage children.

If you know a business is selling the products below to underage children you can use our online form to report it anonymously .

Age restricted products

Many types of products may only be sold to persons above a prescribed age;

  • Alcoholic drinks, 18
  • Crossbows, replica and lookalike guns, 18
  • Fireworks (Category F2 & F3), 18
  • Knives, axes and blades, 18
  • Tobacco products and cigarette papers, 18
  • Nicotine inhaling products, 18
  • Solvents (where abuse suspected), 18
  • Sunbed hire and use, 18
  • Lottery tickets, 18
  • Aerosol spray paints, 16
  • Animals, 16
  • Liqueur confectionery, 16
  • Petrol, 16
  • Fireworks (category F1), 16
  • Christmas crackers, 12
  • DVDs, videos and certain console games, 12,15,18 as marked

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