Lambeth Trading Standards supports ‘Beauty Is’ campaign

Lambeth Trading Standards has raised concerns about skin bleaching in a documentary made by the Ligali organisation, a Pan African Human Rights Organisation challenging the misrepresentation of African people, culture and history in the British media.

The film “Beauty is…” explores the risks through through a collection of personal and group interviews on issues like hair, skin, relationships and character.

The film featured Lambeth Trading Standards officer Robert Gardner, who says: “There are lots of dangerous carcinogenic skin lighteners for sale; I’d urge people to check the label first and, if still in doubt, report the matter to your local Trading Standards department via Citizens Advice. We’re really pleased to support the Beauty Is campaign and any venture that will help alert members of the community about the dangers of these products.”

The two hour film has been shown in venues across the UK and is now available on DVD. A trailer features below. Please visit the “Beauty Is” website for further information.

Skin bleaching in focus

Beauty Is – the film by community educator and independent film maker Toyin Agbetu asks ‘what is beauty?’ and examines the answer from a philosophical position through discussions on hair, skin shade, body image and character.

It’s a serious, yet often humorous cross between Chris Rock’s “Good Hair” and Bill Duke/D. Channsin Berry’s “Dark Girls” documentaries with some sensitive Oprah styled interviews mixed in.

The film explores the risks posed by chemical straighteners and skin bleaching, it shares insights on conditions like Vitiligo and Alopecia whilst discussing the impact of biased media on children and personal relationships.

Backed by a global campaign to challenge governments and the pharmaceutical industry, this is edutainment that may just change your life.


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