Winners of LTS Awards 2023 Crowned

Colleagues, friends, and comrades from around London gathered to celebrate achievements as the LTS Awards were held in Central London.

The event, launched last year albeit in a virtual setting, is held annually to acknowledge the tireless effort of Trading Standards around the region in keeping residents and businesses safe.

A total of 8 awards were won, which were presented (where possible) by the winner(s) of the award the previous year.

Best Apprentice : Georgie Tear

What was said about the winner:

The winner has acted with all the calmness, confidence and professional conduct of a long-seasoned investigator. 

Such baptisms of fire may have phased some, but we are pleased to see they have taken it all in their stride, always displaying a very positive and keen attitude.

“In summary, we have no doubts that they will develop into a highly skilled and devoted trading standards professional – exactly what we need to safeguard the future of trading standards.

We are so pleased to have them onboard and is an exceptionally worthy nominee for this category”

Investigator of the Year: Doug Love

What was said about the winner:

“Despite the size, complexity and length of the prosecution, they have not let up on other investigations.  Over those five years, they have submitted 172 further infringement reports – always clear, concise and containing the necessary detail – with outcomes including 23 prosecutions and 40 simple cautions, never losing a case.

They deal with defendants courteously and professionally and never attracts complaints for the way their investigations are carried out.”

[L to R] Last year’s winner Samuel Abdullahi presenting the Investigator of the Year award to Doug Love

Safeguarding Award: Robert Andrews

What was said about the winner:

“They are extremely caring and energetic is laser focused on preventing residents from being exploited by rogue traders in a Borough where almost half of households have an income of less than 60% of the UK median.

They are extremely proactive and is almost always the first on the scene, usually cycling across the Borough to enable them to response as expediently as possible.”

[L and R] Last year’s award winners Tina Gibbons and Beverley Nicklin joining the 2023 winner – Robert Andrews [Centre]

Equality and Inclusion Award: The CTSI London Branch Race and Equalities Group

Manager of the Year Award: Graeme Preston and Paul Gander

What was said about the winners:

“They are entirely devoted to their work, to the welfare of our residents and the development and wellbeing of their staff. They are continuously striving to keep abreast of current issues and shares this knowledge willingly with their team and peers. They inspire the team to be innovative, empowered and feel recognised for good work. They are well liked and admired by all their peers and the Assistant Director acknowledges their competence and solution focussed attitude.”


“They are quietly spoken, hardworking and a patient manager. They always strive to bring out the best in the whole team. Their outstanding work over 39 years with the London Borough epitomises what amounts to excellence in management and dedicated public service. They never crave the limelight but is always there supporting the team and pushing to bring the best out of each officer’s skill base. They are well respected within the team and more broadly across the council which reflects their leadership qualities. They are an excellent organiser; strategist and problem solver. The dedication of their team reflects this.”

[L to R] LTS Board member, Ash Shah, presenting the Manager of the Year award to Graeme Preston and Paul Gander

Team of the Year Award: Newham

What was said about the winning team:

This team has achieved the following:

“Removal of approx. £350,000 illicit tobacco and vape products

“Conducted over 300 test purchases and seen a significant reduction in vaper related sales as a result of a robust test purchase advice, intervention and inspection programme

“Completed an information sharing advice for schools document, which is now used across London

Advised 150 businesses and community groups to support Scam Awareness fortnight

Completed a number of successful projects: 2nd hand electrical goods (12 inspections), pricing (150 inspections), corrosives (60 inspections) and virtual offices (20 inspections)In a time of uncertainty, budget cuts and austerity, they have consistently pushed outside of the box thinking to bring about sustainability and commercialise professional services with several internal/ external partners, including Reedpop UK, Major League Baseball, Public Health, Community Safety, Wagtail, Private Sector Housing. They have successfully secured over £100,000 of investment into council services within the last 12 months.

“They use social media to promote the profession and have penned a number of articles for CTSI/J of TS.”

[L to R] Naz Ali representing last year’s winners Barking and Dagenham, presenting the award to the representatives from Newham.

Outstanding London Officer: Dave Hunt

What was said about the winner:

“They have shown themselves to be a highly professional officer who is passionate about their specialist area.

They have spoken widely on the subject and continues to share their knowledge with other TS professionals in London and across the country. Their experience has led to the winner being invited on to high level working groups that influence the direction of future regulation.  

This award would recognise their knowledge, experience and dedication to the Trading Standards community in London and beyond.”

[L to R] LTS Board Member Cenred Elworthy presenting Dave Hunt with the Officer of the Year award

Lifetime Achievement: Paul Gander

What was said about the winner:

“This person studied the Diploma in Consumer Affairs between 1987-9 and the Diploma in Trading Standards from 1992 to 1995.They have spent a lifetime (39 years) at one London Borough.

They pioneered works on dangerous skin lightening products over 30 years ago and is extremely knowledgeable, often sought out for advice from other authorities. Work on dangerous skin lightening has received national recognition and worldwide media coverage, seeing the first custodial sentence for such offences.

They were instrumental in the introduction of the Boroughs Knife Charter, by promoting the RRA of knives and preventing illegal underage sales of knives to young people. Their work on the Knife Charter was highlighted  as an example of best practice in a report on knife crime from the House of Commons Home Affairs Committee in 2009.

During the pandemic they ensured the authority was properly equipped by swiftly designing user-friendly templates for financial penalties, far superior to the Government templates and have been shared widely amongst the profession.

They have a calm manner, eye for detail and their pragmatic approach to any problem and near encyclopaedic knowledge of the law. They are the IT expert in the office – not just a ‘turn it off and on again’ approach”

[L to R] LTS Board Member Sandra Bennett presenting the Lifetime Achievement Award to Paul Gander.

Upon the creation of the LTS Awards in 2022, a total of 10 were created recognising various key workstreams, including – the winner of the Safeguarding award to the Investigator of the Year award and everything else in between.

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