Educational initiatives

London Trading Standards  work with a number of local partners to deliver targeted consumer education. This includes older persons groups as well as local schools and colleges and other organisations.

We are proud that a number of boroughs are able to support the Young Consumers of the Year competition, Junior Citizens events and other educational activities.


Young Consumers of the Year

Young Consumers of the Year is a competition in a knock-out format for teams of students aged between 14 and 17 who compete in local, regional and national heats. In London the competition is overseen by Islington Trading Standards and is designed to equip young people with the skills, knowledge and confidence to make well informed choices and enforce their rights. Subject areas include:

  • Consumer rights
  • Europe and travel
  • Food and health
  • Money and finance
  • Product safety
  • Social responsibility and the environment
Junior Citizen

Junior Citizenship Schemes are fast-paced, multiple-agency events run in some London Boroughs for Year 5/6 students. The schemes are run either by the Safety and Citizenship team at TfL or by other agencies, such as the police or local authority.  At a Junior Citizenship event  there will be a carousel of activities with up to ten different agencies delivering short sessions on topics relating to good citizenship. Pupils complete a circuit of scenarios in small groups, learning through experience and real-life risk situations that test their ability to make responsible decisions. The events last for half a day.

Different scenarios involved might include:

  • Travelling by bus and Underground
  • Fire and road safety
  • First aid
  • Personal safety
  • Age restricted products and services


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